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Monday, March 12, 2007

Barca 3 Real Madrid 3 (FULL GAME)

First 10:00 Minutes (1-0):

10:00 - 16:00 (1-2)

16:00 - 26:00 (1-2)

26:00- 37:00 (2-2)

37:00 - 45:00 (2-2)

2nd Half

45:00 - 55:00 (2-2)

55:00 - 65:00 (2-2)

65:00 - 75:00 (2-3)

75:00 85:00 (2-3)

85:00 - 90:00 (3-3)


Check out Ronaldo's haymaker against Inter Milan

Sunday, March 11, 2007

Barca 3 Real Madrid 3

Más Malo Que La Carne De Pescuezo

Thursday, March 08, 2007

Cries from the depth of hell

From the foro at you can hear the screams if madness:

"Ronaldo donde estas? Solo me queda recordar el tiempo en el que eramos gordo pero felisez, no ganabamos nada pero alegrabamos al publico con tus goles, y la majia, la seguridad de Fiorentino era sufuciente para ser felizes, dios que esta pasando con este puto Madrid."

Rough translation
>> Ronaldo oh Ronaldo where art though ... blah blah blah <<

"Creo que los aficionados del madrid son tremendamente injusto con capello.... el vino como consecuencia de una promesa electoral que gano por mayoria... asi que en ultimo culpa de este devenir madridista es de los mismos socios y aficionados."

Rough translation

>>Capello was democratically voted in by the Real Madrid supporters. So Real Madrid are getting everything that they deserve <<

"por favor capello hazle un favor al futbol y vete de una puta vez! a kien s l ocurre poner a diarra y a emerson a la vez??si estan en el campo jugand pa ver cual es mas malo! ah y por favor llevate tb a raul k es penosisimo,no hace otra cosa k correr sin rumbo y k no vuelva nunca mas!!"

Rough Translation

>>Fuck off Capello, Emerson, Diarra and RAUL <<

"Esto es un infierno. No siento las piernas."

Rough Translation


Wednesday, March 07, 2007



I am not against the fans jumping in and stabbing one or two Inter players.
I dont believe this posh twats would have the balls to do that in England 20 years ago.
Shame how football has turned out.
Now we are expected to pay for this shit and then ontop of that take this type of humiliation.
Mancini called Valencia "Cowards" after the game.
Lets breed some more hooligans !!!

Sunday, March 04, 2007

Real Madrid 1 Getafe 1

Not good enough from Madrid who have once again failed to win at home. The main problem with Madrid is the luck of coordination and luck of game plan. Its not cool to see Gago pass the ball back from the half way line to the keeper. Both Del la Red and Gago had horrible games and became a big road block for us in creating chances. When the chances came its debatable whether you want them to land at the feet of Higuain. When things are going well I am sure this player will have a lot to offer us but at the moment he is not confident enough to let his instinct do the business.
The bright sparks from Real Madrid came from Robinho. He is still lucking confidence but in this game he created a couple of chances took players on and did not really loose the ball.
Well done Robinho !
However Madrids most offensive weapon was Roberto Carlos, when he gets the ball in left back position he looks and finds the pass to Robinho in the middle of the pitch who holds the ball waits a couple of seconds for Roberto Carlos to catch up and then plays a through ball for Roberto Carlos to run onto. At least it is a plan.

Here are the main highlights of 2nd half:

Robinho dribble and gets freekick:

Beckham freekick:

Watch the double backheel from Roberto Carlos to Robinho and from Robinho to Gago.
Nice play !

Robinho turn and move at the end of the clip:

More link up play between Roberto Carlos and Robinho:

Robinho takes out 2 defenders and gets a shot on goal:

Cassano replaces Beckham and more link up play between the 2 Brazilians :

Robinho puts Cassano through who does not finish !!!!

Cassano makes up for the miss by taking out 2 defenders and getting brought down inside the penalty box

Best move of the game from Robinho, watch ! watch !!! watch !!!!

Saturday, March 03, 2007

Saturday Roundup

Baptista scores for Arsenal:

Very lucky indeed infact he has performed dismally in the last 3-4 games for Arsenal.
On this form he could not play for a pub side so based on this he is probably on his way back to us in the summer. No way I can see Arsene taking him on at the asking price.

Sevilla beat Barcelona:

Sevilla top the La Liga and have to be considered favourites now after beating Barcelona. Sevilla are an amazing team who play wonderful football and don't have a budget to even keep their top players for example in recent years Ramos, Reyes and Baptista have been sold.
So how do they do it then ?
Well probably a bit of everything really, it is the case that Barcelona are facing Liverpool on Tuesday, it is the case that Ronaldinho missed a penalty, it is the case that Barcelona had two men sent off, but for my money it comes down to how Sevilla interpret the game of football. They play the game in its pure form which is a attacking in numbers in an intelligent way. They get 200% out of their players who individually are very honest and simple.


In this respect the fact that Sevilla leads to La Liga although in many ways is great to see because its breaks the tradition should be a complete embarrassment for Rikjard and Capello.
Both managers have been shown to be completely incompetent in what they do. They have the resources, the finance, the players and yet at the first signs of any problem in the ranks these managers have completely capitulated. Why have Capello and Rikjard crumbled when exposed to any type of confrontation ? Because at their core they have shown to be greedy, lazy, envious and proud. These people are fundamentally evil and its no surprise to see what has become of Real Madrid and Barcelona. Sure Rikjard won the European Cup but it was all pretty easy stuff really because everyone was best of friends and at the end of the day they were lucky because Barcelona did not deserve to beat Arsenal in the European Cup Final.

Friday, March 02, 2007

Goal 99 for Ronaldo (the new number of Ronaldo)

Ronaldo rolled back the years and showed his demonic finishing in the Neu Camp for his 99th Goal for Real Madrid.

Watch as, Raul reluctantly applauds the master at work, watch on as Ronaldo's explosive pace caused implosion to Motta hamstring, watch on as Ronaldo silences 110,000 watching at the Camp Neu, watch on !!!

(Preview) Real Madrid vs Getafe

When Real Madrid played Getafe at the beginning of the season last year, Real Madrid lost 1-0 and more amazingly Real Madrid failed to register a single shot on goal. That match marked significant milestone for Capello for it was the end of his 50 day plan where we would all see the real Real Madrid. Unfortunately Capello was right :)

The match tomorrow will be significant for another reason.
Schuster (ex Real Madrid, Barcelona and Atletico star) current manager of Getafe is a hot favourite to replace Capello at the end of the season and the young Getafe centre back Alexis (who previously scored against Real Madrid) is also reportedly signed for Real Madrid next season (9 million Euros).

Win or loose for Real Madrid will mean absolutely nothing if they fail in show the style of football which made Real Madrid a great club.

Life before Capello is fresh as a dream, I remember the Ronaldo goal as if he scored it yesterday.

Ronaldo vs Getafe